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The interracial cuckolding genre breathes life into the truism that some kind of sexual attraction, openly acknowledged or not, is often a component of racial contempt. She also objects to the fact that production companies, as opposed to performers themselves, get to create the context for sexual interaction in these scenes.

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So I only work with performers of color when the company agrees to eschew the label—which means almost never outside of my own stuff. My email interview with Tyler Knight, a Black male ex-porn actor and author of Burn My Shadow: A Selective Memory of an X-Rated Life , confirmed that Black male performers in mainstream porn are often trapped within these rigid racial dynamics. Both practices are mentioned in a lengthy Glamour report on race in the porn industry, which further notes that they contribute to vast pay disparities between white and non-white women in the industry.

Once again, on-screen anti-Blackness in pornography bleeds into the material world: Allowing the production of content aimed to fulfill racist white sexual fantasies not only contributes to the creation and recycling of anti-Black imagery, but it actually works to structure the porn industry in a way that robs Black performers of opportunities for equal pay. What dissonance is there in the psychosexualities of whiteness such that white men are simultaneously terrified and contemptuous of monstrous Black manhood and desirous and envious of the spectacle of their monster Black cocks brutalizing white women?

Using white logics of racial purity, a cuckoldry scenario between a Black man and white woman represents one of the greatest threats posed to whiteness—the ultimate neutralization of white manhood. It is a visual rendering of white men as helpless and ineffectual while their white women are being defiled though with the implied approval of their oversight. We know this white fear is nothing new: a gangbang of this racial composition is the kind of dark fantasy—for instance, the mythology of animalistic Black men preying on and assembling to rape innocent white women—that has historically justified lynching.

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Given how deeply racist pathologies saturate both the content and production of the genre, you might expect it to be a relatively niche or outdated market. But it appears that it may have had a relatively recent increase in popularity.

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And as of publishing, two of the current top four porn rentals are "interracial" videos, according to AVN' s popularity chart. It is these threats to their standing—these imagined threats by Black manhood—that have historically been employed to justify retaliatory violences against and terrorization of Black communities. This interracial cuckolding is the psychosexual projection of the fears of a mythological white genocide and falling white birthrates also present in white nationalist chants such as " You will not replace us!

The entire specialty market for racist cuckolding videos exists because of hungry production companies eager to exploit any manner of consumer demand—even that which is not neutral or that which could be actively harmful.

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Indeed, demand is often far from neutral. Because of that, the racist undertones and explicit themes present in parts of the porn industry are dismally inevitable. Anti-blackness is not only pervasive, it is one of the linchpins of our American social, political, and economic order.