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How I Got Over by Joshua Nelson

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He wanted me as a fall-back. En route to Atlanta , Georgia, they were besieged by a group of white men. Freebase 0. Yet, guided by teachers from the Theater Lab School of the Dramatic Arts, they discover their untapped artistic talents and reckon with their traumatic histories. I already had him blocked on all social media, so I decided to block his phone number, along with his parents and relative who was trying to message me about him. For all other territories packaging is free and postage is charged on a weight basis.

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How I Got Over i s an intimate, innovative profile of 15 formerly homeless and incarcerated African-American women that dramatically reveals the social causes of their plight and how their lives were transformed. The film follows the women for 12 weeks as they craft and rehearse an original play based on their harrowing, true-life stories. None have had any acting experience and are guided by the Theater Lab's "Life Stories" program.

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Their work together leads to an emotional, one-night only, sold-out performance at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC. Many seek shelter at N Street Village, a homeless and recovery facility, and the backdrop for the film. As their stories unfold, we learn that most of them suffered earlier trauma and abuse -- including domestic violence and incest -- that led to their lives of drug abuse and homelessness.

Reckoning with their troubled pasts in the play, addiction and homelessness look less like the result of personal choices and more clearly an outcome of the social circumstances they were born into. How I Got Over begins by tracing how America has declared war on poverty over and over again without much, if any, success.

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The film ends with the women quite literally stepping out of the darkness and into the spotlight, with an uplifting performance that provides a call to reconsider the root causes of poverty and homelessness, and what might be accomplished if more resources were devoted to recovery support, as well as to the transformative power of theater and the arts.

On Trauma - Stribling talks about how disempowering it is to be traumatized, specifically how it feels for women, and what it means to be empowered. Channeling Childhood - The women of N Street engage in a creative exercise where each re-enacts early memories from their childhood.