How To Make A Woman Fall In Love With You

How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You (FAST!) – 11 Simple steps!
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Really listen. Give her the space she needs to speak her truth and be interested in it. Getting a girl to like you can take time. Try highlighting your interests and hobbies and find something that you have in common. This is your gateway to rapport and building a friendship. Stop believing everything you read about women in general and start paying attention to what makes her unique. Generalizations, like many you read online these days, are dangerous ways to approach relationships and even people in general.

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TN Thabo Ndebele Jul 15, At this point, you may need to give her the space she needs. Never read an article that had a chance of working because of the cliche advice. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 30 1 , pp. Plan something special for just the two of you.

FBI behavior expert Robin Dreeke says that the number one strategy he keeps at the forefront of his mind when he talks to anyone is non-judgmental validation:. People do not want to be judged in any thought or opinion that they have or in any action that they take. Validation is taking the time to understand what their needs, wants, dreams and aspirations are. Researchers at an American university discovered that when two strangers meet, the more times a man tries to be funny and a woman laughs, the more likely she is to be interested in dating.

Try to be relaxed and non-judgmental.

1) Have your own life

Open Your Ears. Her Compliments.

Prepare yourself to laugh as well. We all love having fun.

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If you only focus on becoming her friend, then you might get stuck in the friend zone. One easy way to flirt is to compliment them genuinely. Flirting can also be seen with body language as well. Make sure you smile and laugh. This is a great way to lift the sexual vibes. Monica Moore, a psychologist at Webster University says smiling is among the best flirting tactics that signals interest. A s tudy published in the Journal of Reseach in Personality found that 2 minutes of direct eye contact resulted in increased feelings of attraction.

Studies have shown using humor in conversations makes a person appear as more likeable, and telling jokes can bring a sense of calm to the conversation during the flirting process. Tease them about a silly joke, or about the drink they chose, or even about a story they just shared with you. So the best thing you can do here is just to be yourself.

Focus on improving yourself , from your skills to your personality.

Science Proves Anyone Can Fall In Love With You

For long relationships, studies have found that women tend to prefer altruistic men who are kind and do good deeds. For example, you can offer a hand when she has to jump over a step, or you could give her a nice, warm hug when you meet her. Even though you are working hard to get her to fall in love with you, remember that distance makes the heart grow fonder. Research indicates that playing hard to get is a useful strategy…under the right conditions.

How To Get Your Girlfriend To Fall In Love With You

In this scenario, being a bit of a challenge can improve their perception of your value as a lover and motivated them to chase you. However, if your potential partner is not yet interested in you, playing hard to get can backfire. While you might be dying to be in a relationship and to have a woman fall in love with you, take your time to choose the right woman.

The right woman will love you for who you are and for what you stand for.


If you are trying to get a woman to fall in love with you, look for someone who compliments you and adds to our life, instead of taking from it. The most important thing to remember here is this: your feelings for her do not give you the right to force her to like you.

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Similarly, you should always see her as a person worthy of love and respect instead of seeing her as an object to be owned. Make her feel that her existence matters and her presence in your life is a God-given gift. Appreciate her for who and what she is and lastly, make her realize how precious she is — as a person and as a woman. Be a good and sincere listener. Listen to her thoughts and show interest in her stories.

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Be a good listener and show her that you care about what she feels. This is also one way to get to know her better, to discover the real person behind that sweet smile, the soul behind those soft gentle eyes. Let your sense of humor win her heart.

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Make her feel beautiful, inside and out. Being yourself is a good way to show her that your intentions are good and pure. Good things come to those who wait, as a famous line says. Patience will help you get the good things — and the good people that you truly deserve. Just do your part and wait for the Universe to say yes. Accept rejections and understand that a NO is a NO. Again, respect her as a person and as a woman and learn to read the signs.

How to make a girl fall in love with you

Rejections are sometimes necessary to lead you to a new and better road. Once you finally get that long-awaited YES, celebrate. Falling in love should be a pure, genuine and effortless feeling.

Make sure that you follow the advice that will make her feel appreciated, admired and most importantly, respected. Lastly, you have to always remember that your need to express your feelings should never overpower her right to choose how she will respond to your intentions. Make her fall for you because she knows deep within that she loves you — not because she feels obligated to say YES. Great article.

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