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Bald of Awesome : Rob Halford. The Big Guy : Scott Travis. Notice how he's the only one not standing up in the page image? He's that much taller than the rest of the band that he wouldn't fit in the frame. Cool Old Guy : Halford certainly qualifies as one of these. The man is in his 60's and he can still deliver a peerless Metal Scream. But looking back on some old Judas Priest concert footage and music videos, many younger fans have reactions along the lines of "How could you not know that he was gay?!

Then again, while promoting the Screaming for Vengeance album, Rob Halford appeared in several publicity stills along with Penthouse Pet of the Year Cheryl Rixon causing some people to speculate that the two were dating. This may have contributed to many people viewing him as a heterosexual sex symbol. Large Ham : Rob Halford. Lead Bassist : Ian, since he is the most senior member. Leather Man : Rob Halford. After regaining consciousness he performed the remainder of the concert despite the fact that he would have been in excruciating pain at the time.

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He did not go to the hospital until after the band had completed its setlist. Manly Gay : Halford.

Metal Scream : Rob Halford is a master of it. Even today. Fanservice : Richie could be considered this, given his penchant for wearing leather vests in concert as well as being the youngest member of the band. In the 80's both Downing and ironically Halford were considered sex symbols by many female metal fans. Nobody Loves the Bassist : Despite the trope listed above, Ian Hill isn't very well known, inside or outside metal circles, mostly stemming from the fact that he appears content to stay in the background, and that he hasn't had any stand-out moments in their catalogue.

Real Men Love Jesus : Halford again. Suspiciously Similar Substitute : Owens was thought to be using a backing track of Rob's voice by members of the band when they heard his demo tape. Richie has been considered by some to be this for K.

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K Downing, including by Downing himself, mostly due to the fact that he's blond, plays Downing's parts and uses the exact same type guitars Flying V's. Music Tropes. Ambiguously Gay : Rob's homosexuality even seeps into the lyrics of songs, but while they certainly have a lot of songs about sex , they don't generally specify gender. In ! Tend to bend the arrow out of line And of course the chorus Wavin' your hands, crushed out on the floor! Downing, coupled with the arresting vocals and inimitable stage presence of Rob Halford, the atmospheric drumming in Priest is often overlooked.

I never did learn how to twiddle the sticks and all that business. That applies to any kind of music: The foundations must be solid.

Guitar Hero 3 DLC Judas Kiss Expert 100% FC (740063)

In heavy metal, though, the drummer must remain a bit more regimented in comparison to more free-form types of music where the drummer has more creative scope. So I just lay it down, and I tend to work off everybody in the band. It seems that, no matter how good the drummer is, the solo is often rather boring. Personally, I like drummers who are truly part of the band. When I listen to a record, I listen to everything , not just the drummer. But he says that, although his musical tastes are varied and refined, he always loved metal.

I did go through phases where I preferred this or that. One of my favorite composers is Haydn, and some of his work is unbelievable!

A lot of heavy metal bands would be proud to play stuff as heavy as he did back in the 18th century! He admits that he surrounds himself with music almost constantly. There are times when I want to listen to metal, and nothing else will do. But there are other times when metal is the last thing on earth I want to hear.

So music is a mood thing. A heavy metal gig can be as far away from the serenity of Chopin as you can imagine, and Dave has the scars to prove it. A piece of glass was hurled at him, as well as a bottle, resulting in Dave getting a slice of metal wedged in the corner of his eye and having rib-cartilage damage.

Holland seemed to take the incident in stride, though, despite the fact that his lungs were affected by the rib damage, and he was in obvious pain. But when it comes to the controversial subject of heavy metal, this type of behavior helps to perpetuate the negative connotations that metal has always been associated with. You expect to have T-shirts and the like thrown at you, but a few things that land up there are really dangerous. It does get you angry at the time. Early on in the tour, I got hit in the face with a huge metal belt buckle.

The prejudice against metal in the music press is rampant. But if we are heavy metal, then most of the bands that are labeled heavy metal are not. Anyone who has witnessed a Judas Priest performance has had the pleasure of hearing the band through a high-clarity sound mix.

He is, without question, the best sound mixer in rock. So I do owe a lot of my live sound to him. Especially with the new songs, we tried to get as close as possible to the drum sounds on the album, and I think we achieved that. I can never go out in halls and hear what I actually sound like, but from what everybody tells me, it sounds even more powerful live than it does on the album.

The sound out front is the most important thing to consider. I let him change and tune all the heads, and then I go in and make adjustments. I never leave anything to chance; I check the drums every day and sometimes twice a day. So even if we do a soundcheck in the afternoon, I always go back about 15 minutes before we go on and do my own monitor check.

Judas Priest plays pretty extensive shows—a minimum of two hours per night. Dave feels that kicking a nasty cigarette habit has definitely contributed to his performance, or rather, his post-performance. I had tried to knock that habit on its head in the past, but I never had that much success.

Before, I sometimes came off on all fours! Now having said that, I also want to say that I never smoked on show days, and likewise, I never have a drink on show days. The things you could do at 21 take a little bit more effort nowadays. But touring and playing are still enjoyable.

In contrast to touring, Dave explains that working in the studio is a flexible situation, with his participation beyond doing drum tracks dependent upon circumstances in the studio at the time. We triggered the acoustic drums off the electronic drums as well as doing it the other way around. The whole experience was very interesting for me, because I love working with machines.

Money and the Judas Syndrome

Take them away. When used properly, they can maximize your sound—not take your job away! It just depends. This time, the mixing was done in the States, and I was in Spain at the time. We take each song as it comes and decide on the best way to go about it. It's been a team effort as Priest debuted "No Surrender" t-shirts where all of the proceeds will go back into the foundation.

As for Knotfest, that will take place in Columbia on Oct. Get more details here.

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