Special Delivery (A short story)

Special Delivery
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Special Delivery - Damon Knight

References to this work on external resources. Wikipedia in English None. No library descriptions found. Book description. Haiku summary. Add to Your books. Add to wishlist. Luke, Amanda's husband, is in a sticky situation of his own. I don't want to tell you exactly what is happening to Luke but it sure does add some serious suspense to the story.

She gets the one thing she really wants as she is about to deliver her baby. Once again I don't want to give away the surprise. It is a good one though. Baird has once again written a wonderfully sweet romantic story just in time for Valentine's Day. If you are looking for a sweet short story to sweeten your Valentine's Day I suggest you pick this one up. If you are a fan of Ginny Baird I know you are going to love her latest masterpiece.

If you have never read her work, grab Special Delivery, I think you will enjoy it. View 1 comment. Oct 19, Meg rated it it was amazing. Another author for me to follow and enjoy. If her other books are as good as this story, I will enjoy them too. Jan 23, Char 1RadReader59 rated it it was amazing. When your heart meets the one it's meant for and theirs agrees you will both know you are in it for the right reasons.

The overwhelming knowledge of that you are with your best friend, lover, and life long mate will hit you at the same time. That's what happened for Luke Holiday when he was going in for his daily coffee. He kept see this sweet out going blonde almost every morning. Then one day he noticed she had gotten her long blonde locks cut and styled.

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He had to say something. He told it When your heart meets the one it's meant for and theirs agrees you will both know you are in it for the right reasons. He told it looked nice and winked. For Amanda a pre-school teacher who works with small children all day the ability to speak to adults in full on sentences escapes her. So, when the tall sexy as sin Navy Pilot asked her about her new cut and said he like as well as winked at her she froze for a minute.

It was all she could do to say, "Uh huh! She was all happy. Two years in, they both at the same time thought it was the right time to start a family. See how that is going for them as he is serving his country at the same time.

Special Delivery by Damon Knight

I loved this very short sweet love story for Valentine's Day. I know you will too. I got it free when I chose it on Amazon. I give it 5 stars. Dec 31, Julie Barrett rated it really liked it. She teaches at the preschool because she just loves kids so much.

She's near a military base as her husband is off flying on a mission-Luke. She has a birthing coach and fears she will deliver very soon. It's just about Valentine's day and they each write a note to put in the holiday section of the new baby book they have. She remembers when they first met. The book also follows Luke's story while he's thinking of the birth and he's so far A Special Delivery by Ginny Baird Amanda is due any day now. The book also follows Luke's story while he's thinking of the birth and he's so far from home.

His boss wants a word with him and before he knows it he's in a neighbor's van on his way home earlier than expected but with the snow and ice they find themselves facing traffic on the wrong side of the road. Amanda is now having pains and there is a problem of heavy snow and ice which she hadn't expected and she' can't reach her coach.

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"Special Delivery" is a science fiction short story by American writer Damon Knight. It first appeared in the April issue of Galaxy Science Fiction and has . Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Bestselling author, Lia Fairchild, is both a traditionally Special Delivery (A short story) by [Fairchild, Lia].

Cute story and short but with all the aspects of a larger size book - the author can express herself in fewer words than others where it takes 3x the words. I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. This was a very cute short story about a couple that is seperated by military deployment during their first pregnancy. The latter third of the book was taken up with a sample for the author's newest book Baby, Be Mine , which I didn't care for, but overall the story was enjoyable, giving me insight into the difficulties a military family faces when one member is away on deployment.

Feb 02, RobertaC. A super sweet and emotional Valentine story. Loved it! My only complaint is: I wish it was longer. I could feel the love Luke and Amanda felt for each other, as well as for their "Little Bean" and I was rooting for them to be together again. I was sorry when I reached the end, because I was really getting engrossed in their story. I would love to read more about Luke and Amanda. Can we please get another book? Jan 08, Emily rated it it was amazing. Special Delivery is a awesome quick Valentine's romance.

It's about a couple expecting the birth of their first baby. She worried that Regina might not be forthcoming in her presence, but Roxanne wanted to make sure she got the facts directly from the woman. She must have been the one writing the letters. So you see?

It was all so innocent. I feel terrible for making a fuss. Regina narrowed her eyes and clutched the top of her blouse closed. It was clear she thought Roxanne was making fun of her. For the second time in her short career, Regina put up the closed sign and took an unscheduled break. Grady held the line for the Dane County Coroner. It took three transfers, but he finally hooked up with a doctor who remembered the accident. Kohler had been on duty the night that Patty Simms died.

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Kohler explained how the body had been burned beyond recognition after the engine caught fire and the gas tank exploded. She lost control of the car. Although, come to think of it, they were never sure why. Route Fourteen is a straight shot at that point, and the night was clear. Identification came from the wedding ring she was wearing. Kohler seemed surprised by the question. Deanna waived her hands in the air. Deanna looked back and forth between her daughters, coaxing them to say the right answer. Finally, she shook her fist in the air.

Vanessa reached for the chips again. The news office should have something. Then we can compare that photograph to a new picture of this alleged Daliah person. If you haven't started reading Jackie Vick's short story, Special Delivery, start reading it now. Go back to Part 1 and get yourself up to speed. I can't wait for the fourth and final chapter. Like Like.