Strangers in the Bush (Annabelle the Ant)

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All the TV shows available on Now TV

I attended his memorial service in Bahrain, which was a huge affair, with all his flying chums arriving from various corners of the globe and a delegation from the Royal family. John attended Bradford Management College and achieved a Dip. Also a keen gardener, an interest shared with Erica, over two decades they transformed the garden of their home in Moira, County Armagh, opening it to the public as part of the National Trust Ulster Gardens Scheme.

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His second wife Erica pre-deceased him in He is survived by son Caspar, daughter Melissa, two grandchildren and three step-grandchildren. Another son, Oliver, died suddenly in A Cambridge economist who, in his long career, made a major contribution in several fields, including economic policy and peace research. Robert was a twin, one of three children of Quaker parents, his father an Indian civil servant turned lawyer and his mother the daughter of a Quaker industrialist and MP. He joined the RAF in but was invalided out in and saw no action.

He then joined the operational research section of RAF Coastal Command, being put to work in a team of scientists trying to assess how high patrols should be flown when searching for U-boats that stayed underwater equipped with a breathing pipe. In the summer of he moved to the continent to join a team assessing the effects of attacks on ground targets by tactical aircraft and witnessed at first hand the bombed city of Hamburg, the residues of the concentration camp at Belsen and other horrors of war.

In the autumn of he returned to Trinity College, Cambridge and, because of his earlier attendance on an RAF short course, was permitted to obtain his economics degree in two years, taking a First. He and his team undertook major studies of the arms trade and the problem of chemical and biological warfare, coming to the view that the arms negotiations failed because they were based on the pursuit of a balance, a condition that was impossible to define, given all the asymmetries of geography and military capabilities, and was not a condition of stability.

Later returning to the arms race problem in the s, he critically analysed the theoretical and practical defects of the pursuit of balance and studied how the adoption of alternative, less threatening, non-nuclear strategies might bring the arms race to an end. When a Chair in the Cambridge economics faculty became vacant in , he returned from Stockholm to take it. When the Thatcher government slashed university budgets, he took retirement in aged 60; he was keen to leave the faculty in-fighting and delighted by the opportunity to devote his time to research. He became a Life Fellow of Trinity College.

His first marriage ended in divorce. In he married Elizabeth Griffiths with whom he had a son and four daughters; they divorced in In he married Virginia Matheson and she, his children and his twin sister survive him.

Afterwards he studied at Lausanne University before establishing his career as a Stockbroker. My father attended Magdalen College, Oxford studying law then qualified as a Solicitor in S Vengeance. Afterwards he joined a transport firm in a junior capacity, eventually managing a firm in Bristol. Later he was asked by fellow OC, Geoffrey Bayman g48 , to manage a firm in Frome making bentwood furniture and he experienced some fairly hair-raising timber buying trips to Eastern Europe, which at that time lay behind the Iron Curtain.

After leaving Benchairs Peter joined the British Heart Foundation as Fund Raiser for the South West, a job which he really enjoyed, particularly organising and riding in bike rides through beautiful areas of Devon and Dorset. Peter was a great family man.

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We married in and have one son, four daughters, and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. His ashes are buried in the churchyard of St. C for many years. He studied civil and environmental engineering at Southampton University with the idea of becoming a yacht designer. Subsequently a change in direction into the field of his stage designer mother and actor father, brought him success as a highly-respected, BAFTA nominated, Production Designer. But generally, the more you know about almost everything else is even more important. Wherever you are, look around you. Because you need to know what life is like.

Starting as a draughtsman and art director he undertook his first work as a production designer in on a film about the Tolpuddle Martyrs. From the early s much of his work was in popular television productions. His varied career also included many classic British films. In he joined the Dr Who team and worked on 71 episodes until , gaining an enthusiastic following for his creativity from viewer fans worldwide.

My mum had been a Red Cross nurse in WW1. It is often said that there used to be a bit of bullying at public schools.

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Join Annabelle the Ant as she learns an important life lesson – not to trust strangers! This charming short story will entertain and educate your child as they join. Therefore Strangers in the Bush Annabelle the Ant - is the sense of Ant Ant Ant An Insect Chant American City Series Yes, you get A-B-C My First French.

However, I was never bullied. Today he would probably be regarded as a middle-of-the-road Liberal.

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While I was at Charterhouse it became apparent that I was seriously unbalanced! I was absolutely hopeless at maths - being the only person that I have ever heard of who managed to fail Elementary Maths in School Certificate, twice! But reasonably good at history and literature. However, we were now at war with Germany, so I had to join up.

After training at Sealand near Liverpool and Kingston in Ontario, I was awarded my wings and joined a Swordfish squadron. In spite of its antediluvian appearance - it was a biplane with a fixed undercarriage and no defensive weaponry - the Swordfish was one of the most successful aircraft of the Second World War. It sank a greater tonnage of enemy shipping than any other aircraft, played a major role in the defeat of the U-boats in the battle of the Atlantic and was the only aircraft of any other combatants to be in operational service from the first day of the war against Germany until the last day.

I also saw service on Atlantic and Russian convoys. When the war ended, I took my place in Corpus Christi. With financial help from my parents we rented a cottage a few miles outside Oxford, and in the next three years I undoubtedly spent more time at Willow Cottage and on the tennis court than attending lectures! I left Oxford in with an honours degree in history and a blue for tennis. I got a job almost immediately with a very small publisher - Christopher Johnson - whose offices were a couple of rooms above a fishmongers in Kensington Mews.

I did all sorts of jobs for them: licked stamps, travelling as a sales rep, editing and ghost writing. I wrote my first book for them Dorset Harbours. Much to our surprise it got a very kind review in the Sunday Times by John Arlott of cricketing fame.

After about three years I joined a larger publisher, Robert Hale, and became head of their editorial department. Deciding to have a go on my own, I took home enough ghosting work to keep me in funds for a year and wrote a first novel. My second novel Walkabout hit the jackpot, and ever since I managed to earn a decent living from writing. My Agents tell me my books have been translated into 19 different languages and have sold several million copies all over the world. Soon after leaving Oxford we bought a small cottage in Newdigate, Surrey. After about ten years by which time we had three children, the cottage had become too small for us.

Barbara and I have four sons and a daughter, Alison, and currently six grandchildren and two great grandchildren. We were divorced in My hobbies used to be tennis and gardening; they are now bowls, bridge and looking at my garden which, I am told, is considered one of the finest in Surrey.

I am still scribbling away and my latest book has just been published a few months before my ninetieth birthday. The name Ian Cameron was chosen for his first novel because this was the name of his Godfather.

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The name James Vance Marshall was chosen for his second novel because the late travel writer of that name had provided material on the Australian Outback without which the novel Walkabout adapted for the cinema in could not have been written. He also wrote 4 fiction books as Donald Gordon, using his forenames, and a further 20 as Donald Payne.


Donald was made a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in He played tennis for Kent and Surrey county teams and in Wimbledon Veterans tournaments. Donald continued to live at Pippacre until , before moving to a nursing home in the same village; he died in East Surrey Hospital. The younger brother of 7 th Earl of Lucan, he had lived reclusively in South Africa since the s and worked as librarian to the Theosophical Society, a non-religious organisation.

He died in Johannesburg after a long illness. We met in Clanwilliam and he fast became the person I called when I needed help or advice on a myriad of different things. We shared our love for the town of Clanwilliam and the dam, boating, waterskiing and aeroplanes; we spent hours on the beach next to the dam talking about every topic under the sun, irritating our spouses endlessly with our motorsport and in-depth engine talk. Over the years, John became a great constant presence in my life and someone I always knew was there for me.

He was a pole holder at my wedding to Carike which bears great significance for us, since in my faith, your 4 pole holders are the cornerstones of your home.

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We thought John was a confirmed bachelor but all of that changed when he met his soulmate, Annabella, 21 years ago and I was immensely honoured to be best man at their wedding. I still remember what a wonderful happy day it was; I have never seen John smile so much. Also, dinner parties at his house significantly improved! John had so many amazing attributes and yet a very humble and understated man; a talented musician, a great cyclist, possibly one of the best waterskiers the Clanwilliam dam has ever seen; he was also a fountain of knowledge on absolutely loads of topics.

His compassion for his friends and helpfulness in any situation has always touched my heart. I will always remember his zest for life, his diligence at everything he did and what an incredibly hardworking man he was. John, you touched our lives in so many ways and there are just too many moments that will not be the same without you. You have left a huge gap in our hearts. Brother of Hugh W Tom overlapped briefly in Weekites with his younger brother Hugh.