The Great Stinky Fish Robbery (The ARCHER TRILOGY Book 1)

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Maggie's little brother is that "someone nice" and the two of them spend the day on their little boat living the sea life. The boat is fully equipped with an apple, peach and orange tree bearing fruit and a beautiful toucan. There is an abundance of fresh eggs and milk to be had from various chickens and the goat. Maggie herself fishes and serves up sumptuous meals of lobster and peaches with cinnamon and honey for dessert.

The day is simple and homey, the only real source of concern a thunderstorm that crashes and booms towards the end of the day.

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Even then, Maggie thoughtfully battens down the hatches and plays her fiddle to her brother, tucked snugly in his bed. Yes, this is the book!

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For weeks after first reading of them, I was absolutely relentless in bothering my mother to make peaches and cinnamon. Outstanding - thanks so much! She eats oatmeal with milk from the cow. I don't remember much of a plot. As a child I was just really impressed by her independence, and also the fantasy of living on a boat. Someone solved my stumper! Thank you! Mary Grannan, Maggie Muggins. Several others in series e.

Mary Grannan, Maggie Muggins series. Maggie Muggins and Her Animal Friends.


Illustrated by Bernard Zalusky. Pennington Press, Dust jacket frayed at extremities, otherwise a nice copy. Some similarities.

I have to say, the only similarity with The Apple Stone is the size of the item. Gray's book contains no aliens, no force-fields, no blue. Instead, the Apple Stone is golden and speaks for itself, instructing the group of children how to use it. This book sounds more American than English, and more science fiction than fantasy. M83 and M71 seem to be asking about the same book. Not that that helps either searcher much.

It was an adventure story about a boy who finds a marble that turns out to be magic. Not sure about title, author. What a fun site to reminisce about the books we loved. Another favorite of mine was The Book of Live Dolls. Magic Ball from Mars , by Carl L. Biemiller , illustrated by Kathleen Voute, published Morrow , pages. Johnny's visit to the Pentagon to show the ball to the authorities and his subsequent kidnapping are lively enough adventures.

About a year and a half ago, I developed a web site devoted to Dad's books and getting them back in print. Biemiller" may be of some help to your project. Funny how projects and web sites grow.

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About a writer who's being sued because of the similarity of one of his characters to a woman named Bibbsy Dibbs. Jules D'Auriac, J. He makes more new acquaintances, and forgets his old ones less, than any other man in the busy world; for he is so compelled to make his home every where, remembers his native one as such a place of enjoyment, has all his friendly recollections so fixed upon his mind at sea, and has so much to tell and to hear when he returns, that change and separation lose with him the most heartless part of their nature. Perhaps, it is Elizabeth and her German Garden , the first book by Marie Annette Beauchamp --known all her life as "Elizabeth" , originally published in Fisherman 1 episode, Cover slightly soiled and binding worn, otherwise G.

I'm still learning. The man gives the boy a shining marble that he says will protect him, and I think is also a transmitter to the man's spaceship. When the boy is threatened -- I think by thieves with guns -- he almost doesn't believe it will help him but then he takes it out and it makes a cocoon around him and bullets can't get through. I remember the book, but not the title.

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The friendly alien may have taken his marble back when he was worried about what would happen to the boy, but don't recall much more. Hope this helps. Just remembered the name of the book, about the Martian ball, you can find the text online.

It does have the chorus you're talking about. That song sounds like a Cordwainer Smith space chanty, but the story is not one of his that I know of. The author could have been a Smith fan.

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Possibly or Harlan Ellison, James H. Schmitz William Rotsler? Carl L. It was serialized in Jack and Jill under another name, which is where I ran into it as a child. I visited the website below and the whole book is online, with the rest of Biemiller's childrens' stories, and with the original illustrations. Thank you so much to the people who gave me this information, it was so delightful to read it through again.

Sounds like the first book in the Christian-fantasy "Spirit Flyer" series. Young John Kramer finds a rusty old bicycle in the city dump and discovers that it can fly. This ends up bringing him into conflict with the boys in the Cobra Club, who represent the evil Goliath toy company. Matches poster's details. If this helps: Bike is lost when left out on Halloween. Dad is a librarian. Could the "box of candy" possibly be Masefield's Box of Delights? Just a thought.

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Found- Magic Bonbons by L. Frank Baum. But the candies do not refill-rather each different color bestows special talent on the eater. Little girl starts playing Beethoven! Maurice Dolbier, The magic bus, The story of what was an ordinary bus until a little boy discovered the gold button on its dashboard Maurice Dolbier, The Magic Bus, The cover has a picture of the magic bus flying through the sky with the children looking out the window. This series of children's books was one of my all time favorites as a child.

They are published by Nelson Doubleday, Inc. I don't know which one has the stories mentioned but I'm absolutely sure of the publisher and series because I have it - just can't find it right now! I found another in the series to get the publisher info. Or could it have been a set of The Children's Hour? You can read the contents of the edition online here , and the books do include Mr. Murdle and Gudbrand. Vol 40 has Mr M but none of the other titles being sought I have researched the Best In Children's Books and, while the stories listed here are scattered among their collection, they are not the solution to my stumper.

I truly appreciate the knowledgeable input from everyone who is attempting to help me. It is amazing that I remember everything about this book but its title and its cover.

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You can download and read online The Great. Stinky Fish Robbery (The ARCHER TRILOGY Book 1) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also You. The Great Stinky Fish Robbery (The ARCHER TRILOGY Book 1) by Jeremy Craddock full download exe or rar online without authorization for free.

One thing that I remember is that it was a discontinued, school-issued anthology textbook, and not part of a store-bought, or bedtime collection. All of the stories that I have listed, plus the recently recalled There Once Was A Puffin, were contained in one book. All the stories match and many, many more.

A wonderful school text.