The Homeschooling Movement in the United States of America

A Brief History of Homeschooling
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Joseph Murphy provides an overarching interpretive framework to help the reader understand why homeschooling is expanding, who participates, what happens in homeschooling instruction, and what research tells us about educational impacts of those who are homeschooled. A balanced analysis that is both wide in scope and deep in the insights it offers. This comprehensive book stands in the gap. It examines the history of homeschooling in the United States and the forces behind its dramatic growth. It offers a thorough description of homeschoolers and their families.

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And it takes a serious look at instructional programs, teaching methods, and academic and social outcomes. Homeschooling in America not only makes a significant contribution to the bank of homeschooling research, but it provides direction to where further research is badly needed.

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Homeschooling in the United States constitutes the education of about % of U.S. students "Alternative Schooling Strategies and the Religious Lives of American Adolescents". Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. 47 (4): –​ Editorial Reviews. Review. "Despite its vast expansion in recent years to two million students, comprehensive book stands in the gap. It examines the history of homeschooling in the United States and the forces behind its dramatic growth.

Chapter 1: Staying Home: Definitions and Estimates. Skip to main content. Download flyer Recommend to Library. Description Contents Reviews Preview This book is the definitive study on homeschooling in the United States, delving into a movement that impacts more students nationwide than the entire charter school movement.

This book explores: The history of homeschooling in America.

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How this movement has grown in credibility and enrollment exponentially The current state of homeschooling, including questions over who gets homeschooled, why, and what is the success—academically and in life—of students who are homeschooled The impact of homeschooling on the student and on American society In the most extensive survey and analysis of research on homeschooling, spanning the birth of the movement in the s to today, Homeschooling in America shines a light on one of the most important yet least understood social movements of the last forty years and what it means for education today.

Henry M. A complex picture: Results of a survey of adult alumni of the modern Christian homeschool movement, installment 6: Present and Future. A complex picture: Results of a survey of adult alumni of the modern Christian homeschool movement, installment 7: Sexuality.

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Dr. Michael P. Farris and the Growth of the Homeschooling Movement (CPAC 2011)

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The voices of the pioneers: Homeschooling in Minnesota.

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