The Spirits of Wintermist: Book One of the Circle of Union

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The Spirits of Wintermist : Book One of the Circle of Union

At 28, he was allowed back into the mines and started work in the deep tunnels as both a digger and guard. The lower tunnels were frequently attacked by small bands of Underdwellers. It was the Goldlief clan that suffered the first assault of the Underdweller war when their clan was attacked by of the creatures. Shortly after the War of the Lower Tunnels Dwarves are not imaginative in describing their battles. Later, he was assigned to a mixed company and befriended a Human by the name of Gunther Dane.

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While in this company, he won a Worg Wolf named Driger from a dwarf in delta company, zeta squad. When he is able, he rides this wolf into battle and has taught it to fight by his side.

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For a book to touch us all, characters need to have some type of life outside of what you see on the page. We have received our advanced copies of "The Spirits of Wintermist.

See a Problem? - Buy The Spirits of Wintermist: Book One of the Circle of Union book online at best prices in India on Read The Spirits of Wintermist: Book . The Spirits of Wintermist book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. For three thousand years, Terrapin Xon was sealed from the rest.

After seeing the work on the hardcover I am glad we went with the version without the jacket. At the same time there is now a Facebook page for Wintermist.

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The page was designed by the Trafford team. It is under my name, Francis D. Please visit it and give it a like. It will ask you if you want to join, you can decline and still view the page. Hopefully over the next few weeks more will be added to it.

by Louis Bromfield

At some point Trafford is suppose to be setting up a Website for Wintermist and when that happens we will provided a link from here. I have wandered around cyberspace and found The Spirits of Wintermist available at Amazon and a couple other on line sites. You can visit these sites and if you choose purchase the book from them. Please keep in mind we are still in production and there may be a delay before you receive your copy. Everything you are seeing is the primaries, leading up to the official launch date.

Any of you who buy a book before then feel free to bring it with you, I will be more than happy to sign it for you. We look forward to meeting all of you. We are looking forward to the first book signing and the first feed back from our readers. We hope we deliver on our promise of entertainment and your enjoyment is everything you hope for.

It is not often that people get the chance to watch a new writer grow or be part of the growth. As any good writer will tell you,, it is the readers that help them improve in their abilities to spin a tale. What you say, what you tell us makes it possible for us to develop our art and improve. Thank you for taking a chance on "The Spirits of Wintermist" and supporting us in this endeavor. Stay tuned to this page for further update and behind the scene peaks at the life of the people of Lashtar. Frank and Lillian and of course Rohan. For three thousand years Terrapin Xon was sealed from the rest of the world by the Thanatos Mountains. Lashtar maintains a watch over the only pass that winds through the range with the North Wall and the Outpost. The boredom is relived with fighting off the occasional Underdweller, bandits or mad wizard. When Terrapin Xon flows from the pass they roll over the Outpost and descend on the impregnable North Wall with fighters, mages and creatures from legends.

Then aginst all military wisdom Terrapin Xon keeps only a small force at the conquered crossroads, leaving their flanks and rear vulnerable. They drive for the city of Wintermist and the Mage School. Only the young wizard Anton and Duncan of Pentock can save the people and the Spirits of Wintermist before the king of Terrapin Xon releases the wraiths.

Before the young men can bring their respective forces together, they must overcome their own personal demons. The wizard and the fighter must gather entities from differing generations, skills and culture. They must form a unity and defy the prophecy of the Northland. They must turn back the invading force of Terrapin Xon before a legion can be unleashed. It celebrates the traits of camaraderie and loyalty in interpersonal relationships across race, with honor and courage as we stand together against all odds.

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What is being said about "The Spirits of Wintermist" "A wonderful story by the greatest husband ever" Biased opinion of Lillian "Meow, meow meow. The manuscript rests in the hands of the printers and in a few short weeks it will be available to the general public. This is not the end of the updates. Over the next few weeks we will be adding to the blog and this page. Book signings are being planned and we are making plans to attend shows and conventions.

Thanks go out to all our friends who have supported us on this journey. Your kind words have made it possible for us to carry on through the ups and down that goes along with writing a novel of this statue. As always we welcome your questions and comments as we love to hear from the reading public. We also want to thank the staff at Trafford for all their help in reaching this point. Over the next few weeks we will be working with the marketing staff to prepare the advertising campaign to get the word out. A copy of Wintermist will be going out to a reviewer who will give their professional opinion of the novel.

A press release will be sent out to targeted media sources and I will be sending letters to nearby independent book stores. Hopefully some of you will be able to share this link with your friends on Facebook and in person.

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It is both an exciting and scarey time for us. We hope you find the tale entertaining and it brings you hours of enjoyment. We do not want to disappoint our loyal readers and friends. That is why each endeavor will receive our best efforts. Until next time Keep reaching for the moon. The worst that will happen is you will fall among the stars. Frank, Lillian and Rohan. The manuscript is still with the copyeditors, but I am expecting it by the end of the week. Right now, everything is on track for our planned November release. For now, I offer another look at the back story of The Spirits of Wintermist.

Ages past, the keep guarded Mead from the barbarians of the south. Now, it was symbolic since the barbarian people of Lashtar and Mead were one country. The Dukes Keep was built in the days when Mead was settled. It sat on the side of the mountain, overlooking the pass to Gammount. The kitchen butted up to the rear of the Keep and a wing had been added for dignitaries and visiting nobles. A curtain wall, complete with a gate house, circled the keep. A section ran down to the twin towers that guarded the pass.

They had their own gate to seal the pass, barracks for more soldiers and a small village of houses for the family of officers. Five hundred years ago three countries were at war, Lashtar, its sister country Lishtar and the kingdom of Solaris. They were not at war with each other, but with barbarian hordes that roamed the land, creatures that dwelled under the earth and smaller countries looking to grow through conquest.

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They were allies, but even the best of allies fight.